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Merchandising success platform for eCommerce

The MineWhat platform automates personalized selling on your online store and enables category managers, buyers & planners to understand what works. Get effective merchandise intelligence and sales automation!

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  • I like the connect between product and traffic data

  • We increased conversion on our landing pages by 2x with the product insights

  • Simple and easy to use merchandise intelligence...our category managers absolutely love the tool

  • Exactly what we needed but couldn't get out of GA premium

  • Unique technology... brings practical benefits to eCommerce stores

Merchandising Intelligence

Product intelligence tool to help you discover what works on your online store, take control of your merchandising. Includes

  • Predict shopper interest trends
  • Spot products with sales potential
  • Concise category or brand dashboards
  • Easy access to attribute intelligence
  • Data driven site merchandising
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Merchandising Automation NEW

In-store shopper engagement and persuasion widget. Automated personalized selling for your shoppers. Includes

  • Recommend key product features
  • Image search to find visually similar products
  • Automate personalized emails
  • Retail graph for each shopping vertical
  • Push cross sells
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Data-driven ideas for smarter eCommerce

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