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Do you know why your products sell? Understanding this is key to creating a predictable stream of revenue on your eCommerce store.

Cut through the noise to discover where, how and why your products sell. Create a winning product strategy for your online store.


Analyze. Predict. Automate.

Get insights geared toward helping you increase conversion. You could for example find out how merchandise performs across locations, devices, promotions and optimize them.

Data-driven ideas for smarter eCommerce

Track impact of external events

See how external events affect sales on your store. Did you get some good PR recently? See if it made a difference.

Unique Technology

MineWhat's unique technology uses predictive analytics to bring practical benefits to both eCommerce sites and online shoppers

Collins Hemingway

Author, Business at the speed of thought

Are you investing in the right products?

Products with higher latent demand can get lost in the product mix on your online store. Find and feature these prominently to get them the attention they deserve.