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"We think of our customers as invited guests at a party and we are the hosts." That’s Jeff Bezos for you and sure enough that philosophy reflects in how engaged their customers are. Data from 2013’s Foresee Experience Index gives Amazon a customer satisfaction score of 88, the highest among all the other retailers in the Internet Retailer top 500. What strange mojo do they employ to ensure their customers stay loyal and engaged? Here’s some of what we found when we went digging through their website.

Include your customers

The Amazon home page regularly has messages to its shoppers, either about product launches or messages from the founder himself. They’ve been working up to a smartphone release for a while now and a few days back they included a “request invitation” link right on the top of the page. Now it’s quite likely that only a few customers will actually end up attending the event but everyone visiting their webpage would have felt included.

Here’s their current homepage, with a letter from Jeff Bezos to their customers on a product release. Another perfect example of the same kind of attitude.

Use reviews to build trust

Data from a Neilsen advertising survey indicates that only about 14% of people trust advertising while an overwhelming 78% of the people included in the survey trusted customer reviews, even when they were from total strangers. Amazon leverages this perfectly, here’s a snapshot of their review page.

There’s quite a few things going on in the page, each of which helps shoppers to find the info they need to get to a decision.

  • While reading pre-created reviews is usually informative, occasionally you run into something that only someone who’s using the product will know. Amazon lets you ask questions to existing
    users, so you are covered there as well.

  • Another thing on the page that’s really helpful is the juxtapositioning of the most favourable review with the most critical one. Any customer reading the reviews will have both sides of story.

The Little Things

Customer loyalty is a fickle thing, it very often comes down to the small things, transparency, integrity, ease of use etc.. The amazon webstore is littered with examples of these. Here are a few you can learn from.

  • Each product page on the store also lists any available alternate prices on the side so customers can choose which option suits them the best.

  • The product pages also have all the important social media links easily available so customers

  • Every time you log in, Amazon adds a link to the top of the page that looks like “John’s Amazon”. Clicking on the link takes you to page with products that you are likely to be interested in. This little element of personalization not just increases the possibility of conversion, it also helps in cultivating loyalty.

That’s all Folks!! We are writing about Amazon Prime next week. Is there any other topic you’d like us to cover? Just leave a note in the comments section below.

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