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With the holidays coming up, I’m sure you are thinking up different ideas to make the most out it. Cyber monday sales in 2013 is estimated to have brought in around $2.2 Billion in sales. This year it’s likely to go even higher. Here are some new perspectives on three common ideas you might be using to bring in more customers this season.

Landing pages

Create multiple ones based on shopper segments:

Different shoppers want different things, having multiple landing pages will help you target each need better. Pick the most common shopper demographics on your store and create one for each. A good starting place is to create different ones for desktop or mobile users or for each acquisition source with substantial traffic. On MineWhat the summary reports have data on how much traffic in comes into your store from each segment so you can decide if each one warrants a landing page of its own.

Choose the right products:

Landing pages are very often the first thing a shopper interacts with on your store.On average only about 35% – 40% of the visitors to an online store, go on to view a product. Quite often this could be simply because the shoppers aren’t interested in what they see on the page. On MineWhat you can spot exactly which products are the top sellers for each segment and use these products on your landing pages.

Refine your product selection:

Customer preferences can change very quickly. If you intend to start your campaigns early and let them run late into the season, it’s quite likely that the products you picked for your landing page the first time are no longer the ones they are interested in. If you’ve got MineWhat installed on your store you can create reports to see which of the products on your campaign are the ones shoppers are engaging with or buying and use that to continually update the selection for each landing page.

Email Campaigns

Create retargeting lists:

A bizrate display advertising study indicated that about 25% of online buyers like receiving behaviourally retargeted ads because the remind them of what they were looking at previously. Shoppers sometimes need a little nudge before they make a purchase decision. Instead of basing your email retargeting only on what shoppers did on your past emails, you can run specific emails based on what products shoppers are viewing or interacting with on your store.

On MineWhat you can use the behavioral segmentation feature to create lists of shoppers who’ve viewed any specific product or a group of products. You can then email these shoppers with those products alone, to increase your chance of conversion.

Email automation:

Email frequency around the holiday season usually tends to shoot up. With more emails going out each week, it might get harder to send out personalized emails. On MineWhat you can get spot exactly which products work for each shopper segment. You can also use the MineWhat API to insert these products directly into your email templates as well. You can configure this to work automatically without you having to do anything manually.

Provide an opt out:

As you increase your email frequency, let your subscribers know that they will be seeing more from you in their inbox and ensure that you offer them a holiday opt-out. Otherwise you might end up pushing your members to unsubscribe altogether or mark your emails as Spam. One other thing you can consider is to create a preferences page, where customers can choose how often they receive emails.

Homepage Banners

What do you display on your homepage:

Design your homepage depending on what you want your shoppers to do on it. Amazon for example has a homepage that at first glance might seem totally cluttered. But they don’t want their customers to purchase products on the homepage, instead they make it easier to navigate to different campaigns or collections on their store.

Create collections/lookbooks:

Make your shoppers lives easier during the holidays by creating gift guides or product collections and display them on your homepage. Categorize the guides by relationships(gifts for boyfriends, gifts for spouses, gifts for girlfriends etc), by price (under $10, under $15 etc), by gender (Ideas for men, for her etc), by personality, by color, by product category, by age (babies, kids, teens, adults) or by top rated products. For more ideas on homepage design click here.

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