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Okay, I understand that there’s a lot of campaigns and promotions going around, and it’s hard for someone to even get noticed, forget about standing out, but an organized approach can give you enough room to come up with new ideas and reduce the probability of failure.

We’ve already written about how to run marketing campaigns, and even have an infographic for it, but we thought of coming up with a few pointers specially meant for WC campaigns. Keep reading, let us know what you think and we hope this will help you to design awesome campaigns.

1) Design campaigns that talk to people

You have to be really innovative. We always say this, build a mechanism that pulls people. Your marketing efforts should not segregate customers, rather include them. Let them participate, be more interactive.

Adidas, the official sponsor of World Cup supplies, came up with a campaign asking people to upload their running pictures on their official page. Similarly, you can connect with your customers emotionally. Your campaigns can evolve with the changing trends, popular teams, winning teams, players, let your customers believe that you’re living the Cup with them.

2) Get the help from the stars

I certainly do not mean “luck” when I say stars, although if you can get it, I guess that wouldn’t hurt. Use influencers to captivate your customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small business and cannot afford celebrity endorsements.
Be innovative! Clothes2order, a custom-made t-shirts store got tweets by the celebrities printed on the tees and tweeted the pictures to the celebs. When the celebs responded, the company gained enormous visibility and the best part, the investment was minimal!

Come up with ideas, try out new and exciting ways to get user attention, try using influencers who already have built big audience. Not to mention the obvious, all this will add credibility to your brand.

3) Analytics can help you with targeting and personalisation

You can use analytics to get the perfect blend of top selling, most engaging and related products. Your aim is to make your shoppers spend more time on your pages, and come across the stuff they would buy.

While we are on the subject :), let’s look at MineWhat. We let you see all the metrics related to products, for example, products that took the least time for conversions (impulsive purchases), or the products with highest number of views (highly engaging products). You can get these reports for categories, brands or individual SKUs, and make more precise decisions.

Another thing MineWhat helps you do is to find out the products, brands and categories that work best with each other to maximise cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Furthermore, monitoring the campaigns during their course and checking the competitors prices can help you to stay competitive.

4) Find a way to relate your products with WC spirit

Know your business, know your customer! You don’t always have to sell official merchandise. It doesn’t matter what your products are, you can always relate your products with the event in some way. Say, you can sell loungers and recliners people can use while watching the match, or promote healthy snacking during the matches.

I’d mention Clothes2order again for their WC campaign, here’s what they’re doing this time. Interesting, huh?

Invest in your campaign to get better results. Elitify, a premium products company came up with country inspired collections from top designers. This way they stayed true to their business with what they sell, and fulfilled the expectations of their customers with selling premium products.

5) Create conversations around your campaign

Its all about communication, just add a personal touch to it. The more you socialise, the more you become a part of people’s lives. World Cup unites people on various platforms, from all over the world. Being an eCommerce company, you have an advantage of reaching out to your prospective shoppers very easily.

Be active on social media or community websites, get involved in discussions, drive traffic to your website smartly, instead of just sticking your link around.

If you’re a marketer, you know what it takes to run a successful campaign. The key is to connect with your audience. Do you have any ideas to make this marketing season more interesting, share it with us, post a note below. We’d love to hear from you.

Most importantly, enjoy this World Cup season in high spirits!!!

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