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Eby G

Eby heads marketing at MineWhat and he help online stores understand the "why" behind their data.

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Making the most out of the ads on your online store

By some estimates digital ad spend in 2014 was just around a 150 billion USD and is likely to go even higher. Add to this the extremely complex nature of the online ad space in general it can be quite daunting for someone just starting out to navigate through, here are some pointers. Display vs […]

Get the most out of Product Recommendations: The Recommendation Funnel

Recommendations are a key part of the revenue streams of most online stores. A recent study found the average revenues generated from product recommendations worldwide was 12% and the conversion rate of visitors who clicked on product recommendations was found to be 5.5 times higher than the conversion rate of non clicking customers. Given the […]

8 tips on building your online store’s brand on Instagram

Instagram recently added a linking option on ad images that lets users link back to an external link. This move only adds to why every online retailer should consider having a presence on Instagram. A study done by Forrester Research late last year found that posts on Instagram had an engagement rate of 4.21% that’s […]

Twitter practices of the top Shopify stores

Shopify has over 120K active stores and has generated around 5 billion dollars in Gross Merchandise volume so far. Now how do the best of all the stores on Shopify fare on twitter! That’s what we set out to answer in this infographic. Stats to tweet 4% of the top shopify stores have 4% to […]

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