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How data can optimize the customer experience

Data is a little word that carries a big punch. It does so much for so many people, but for the sake of simplicity in this article we’ll focus on retailers. If you’re an online retailer and you’re not using data to your advantage, 2015 is the year to really get going on it. Competitor […]

A quick guide to reducing returns

A few days ago I made a purchase online, I got myself a pair of jeans. The product image on the site showed a distinct fading pattern that I was pretty excited about. Imagine my surprise when I got the shipment delivered later and the fading pattern seemed entirely different. I ended up returning the […]

3 tips from Amazon Prime to run a killer customer loyalty program

A survey by RBC Capital Markets suggests that Prime members spend almost twice as much as non-prime customers. A clear indicator of how well it has worked is the huge revenue it’s been generating from its base of more than 25 million members. They manage to run a great customer loyalty program and charge customers […]

5 pointers to run great World Cup campaigns for your online store

Okay, I understand that there’s a lot of campaigns and promotions going around, and it’s hard for someone to even get noticed, forget about standing out, but an organized approach can give you enough room to come up with new ideas and reduce the probability of failure. We’ve already written about how to run marketing […]

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