MineWhat Platform

The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

Its been exciting since we launched ‘MineWhat’, We have curated products from more than 60 E-commerce portals. Our user feedback has been great.

As part of our user engagement survey, there has been queries like ‘Are you like thefind.com, where i see all products aggregated ?’ , ’Are you like pinterest.com ?’

As the name suggested we are ‘Mine’ ( Persona ) – ‘What’ (Products ). Every Person has unique Likes, dislikes, Interests & Personality. The same for products too.. We just map the personality of the person , their social peer trend and Individual design taste to products. Its just not us who add products , you as an user can ‘curate’ for the world!. We shall be releasing plugins/bookmarklets where users can add products tag them with Design properties and Interest.

Go give it a try, See ‘What’s yours’ ! https://www.minewhat.com

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