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The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

We have got good feedback from business development and marketing team members of top eCommerce companies of India.

Top take aways for our automatic assistance product & predictive analytics

  • Assistance will differ for every product, every category. Most users need specific assistance based on their need. For example: assistance for buying TV is different from buying cloth. Importance of a retail product feature varies based on geography of user, category of product, purpose of usage.

  • Three important data points any eCommerce company looks for 1) who comes to the website (persona) 2) why they have come 3) what is their experience on the website

  • We need to add more data points apart from user behavior on the website like reviews, forums , curation.

We are iterating faster to improve the product and best fit the market needs. We are open for your feedback and suggestion. Please write to info@minewhat.com

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