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Twitter practices of the top Shopify stores

Shopify has over 120K active stores and has generated around 5 billion dollars in Gross Merchandise volume so far. Now how do the best of all the stores on Shopify fare on twitter! That’s what we set out to answer in this infographic.

Twitter practices of the top Shopify stores

Stats to tweet

  • 4% of the top shopify stores have 4% to 10% of their traffic coming in from twitter

  • 28% of the top shopify stores have 1% to 4% of their traffic coming in from twitter

  • 68% of the top shopify stores have 0% to 1% of their traffic coming in from twitter

  • 35.7% of top shopify stores tweet between 10am – 1pm

27 ways to MOTIVATE shoppers who research online TO BUY

Data from retailing today suggests that around 81% of shoppers try to do some research online before a purchase decision. Here are a few ideas on how to Motivate them to buy.

MOTIVATE shoppers who research online TO BUY

Stats to tweet

  • 81% of shoppers research online before buying

  • 60% of consumers start their research on a search engine before heading to a specific website

  • Shoppers visit 3 eCommerce stores on average before an online purchase

  • 61% of online shoppers read product reviews before making a purchase

  • 66% of shoppers search for warranty info while on an eCommerce store

  • 51% of shoppers search for pricing info while on an eCommerce store

  • 47% of shoppers search for payment info while on an eCommerce store

  • 54% of the researchers want to actually see the product before purchase

  • 51% of the researchers don’t want to wait to receive their item

  • 61% of shoppers would leave a website if it didn’t offer free shipping

  • 6 out of 10 online shoppers are concerned about online security

  • 69% of shoppers feel returning items purchased online is a complicated process

  • 12% of customers say a lack of trust in the online store stops them from buying


Navigating The Gender Divide to Persuade your Visitors to Buy

Are men from Mars? And women from Venus? Probably not! But they do show quite different buying behaviour. Here are 18 easy ways to adapt your persuasion strategies to account for gender differences.

18 easy ways to persuade visitors to buy: The Gender Divide

Stats to tweet

  • Men research product info extensively while women scan the product page to see images and video.

  • 62% of men research products using social media channels compared to 50% of women.

  • 35% of women recommend a brand product or service to friends and family via social media vs 28% of men

  • Women are slightly more keen on making sure they get the best price available (77% to 74%)

  • Coupons play a large part in enticing women to shop with 34% of women using them vs 26% of men.

  • Both sexes care about free shipping, with close to 60% saying they’d choose a store that offered it.

  • If you are targeting female shoppers. 14% women pay attention to marketing emails vs 8% of men.

  • 33% of men versus 26% of women first saw their most recent purchase when browsing around online.

  • Men tend to stick to their mission when shopping online

  • Women expand the undertaking by wandering among products and categories.

  • Men search by product while women search by brand.

  • 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

  • A lenient return policy lead most visitors to shop more often and to recommend the retailer.


The 6th magic block of eCommerce: Analytics

Running a successful eCommerce store without metrics is almost unthinkable, but there’s a whole world of tools out there for ecommerce stores. These tools keep evolving constantly so it gets harder and harder to differentiate between them. Here’s a quick look at the strengths of some of the more interesting ones.

eCommerce Analytics: The 6th magic block

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