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Let me start with yet another Marketing and Fishing analogy. Marketing is a lot like throwing a hook into a stream and hoping with every ounce of your soul that something takes. Of course you know which fish you are after, you know what bait is likely to be more appealing and more, but there’s only so much you can control. Marketing at a startup is even harder as you don’t often have the luxury of extensive research, pilot studies and so on. Here’s some of what we learned through it all.


We always try to sell to our worst critic. That way we get to ensure a strong customer acquisition focus to everything we say or do. Start with the assumption that most people are looking for an excuse to leave or drop out and do the best you to ensure they don’t find one.

Build Castles In The Air

Well just a tiny bit of an amendment to that: Build all the castles you want, just ensure that you’ve atleast got the bricks you need. Getting an early start with the marketing efforts while the product is still in the works is usually a great advantage, especially if you need some hype to increase your visibility. Just don’t go overboard with it and market something you don’t intend to build

The Knowledge Curse

Marketing at its core about getting a message out to a target group of people, but it doesn’t stop there. Like every good marketer knows, the interesting bit is what happens to the message as it spreads on. A simple enough message might be perceived very differently by two people. At MineWhat, we regularly pull in outsiders to take a look at what we do and very what we think is amazing copy or a great idea usually elicits totally unexpected and often insightful observations that we would have never thought of.

Perfection Is A Myth

There’s always something else you can add or change, the trick lies in knowing when to stop. Something that has worked quite well for us is to give out previews to small groups of people and use their feedback to make the necessary corrections and then go live as opposed to going round and round with changes and even more changes.

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