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MineWhat listened to what Joe Gebbia had to say about AirBnB, entrepreneurship and the trough of sorrows. His story about the initial phases of AirBnB was something that sounded exactly like ours. A good sign that we are happy about.

The pointers we picked up from an hour long meetup were plenty. Let’s make an analogy. We are extremely passionate about the problem we are solving. We are talking to the customers. We are not sitting in an Australian office because we know that our initial customers are in the US of A. We are sitting right there and talking to our customers day in and day out. The best part is that the customers themselves are coming up with amazing ideas and we are heading in an amazing direction. One thing Joe focused on was waiting for the right time to let the product meet its market. AirBnB wouldn’t have been a success had it launched back in 90’s. We feel the e-market is blooming and it’s quite a good time to market our product. We are hearing the gears clicking and hopefully, investors are too.

Joe took questions from audience and a guy wanted to know how he managed to bring AirBnB in limelight when Craigslist was the goto website for every need. He answered that with 3 words. Design is important. We are design fanatics. We have a Visual Designer who has worked with the God, Rajnikanth on several of his movies.

We are still developing from the ground up. "Correct and continue" is the mantra we abide by as well. We want to make the customers happy and hopefully, that will give us a good word of mouth marketing as well. We are connecting the dots of opportunity with those of the need and are working hard to make our product a huge success.

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