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The trend over the last few years has been clear more and more people are leaning towards Cyber Monday sales than they do towards Black Friday sales. Why? I’m sure not getting trampled to death in an insane Black Friday stampede is up there at the top. But whatever the reasons are the numbers are unmistakable. Adobe predicts that the Cyber Monday sales for 2013 will be over 2 Billion USD ($2.270B) that is half a billion over the projected sales estimations for Black Friday($1.628B).

So what can eCommerce stores learn from their brick and mortar counterparts who’ve been running Black Friday sales for decades now? Neilsen published an article earlier this week on the top mistakes most retailers do on Black Friday. For those of you who haven’t read the article you’ll find it here. Here’s our thoughts on a few of them.

Sticking to traditional categories

Its fairly easy to commit this mistake, after all most eCommerce stores sell products that are restricted to a certain category or vertical. One way to break out of this mould is to offer combo deals. You could offer a logical combination to something that you already sell, say you sell just apparel you could throw in a few shoes as well just to complete someone’s wardrobe. You could also prevent your customers going elsewhere for the same thing.

Leaving a bad first impression and Not having door-buster merchandise in stock

Getting on a site after days of anticipation only to find that Flat Screen TV you were really hoping to get is no longer in stock is an impression shattering bummer. Guaranteeing availability on products for a certain amount of time is a great way to create a good first impression with the shoppers on your eCommerce store. Personalization is also a great way to create a good first impression say a personalized landing page based on search queries.

Missing loyalty opportunities

Cyber monday typically brings about a lot of new customers to most sites and in effect gives you an opportunity at creating a new base of fans, Creating some form of a subscription list with the promise of more deals to come is a great way to get people interested. Creating customized deals for existing loyal customers will not only increase your chances at keeping them happy and buying, it will also give the newer customers something to look forward to.

A perfect example of this is Airline loyalty programs, all the publicized and rumoured benefits of their loyalty programs usually act as an incentive for the existing customer base to stay loyal and also gives the newer customers something to aspire towards .

No sense of urgency

The Neilsen article talks about how customers have very little patience for uninformed associates, understaffed checkouts and the like. This problem gets amplified online, the easy availability of alternatives results in rather low attention span and a slow site, or a page crash right in the middle of a checkout isn’t going to do you any favors.

Not measuring your objectives and Not scouting the competition

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