• Surviving the holiday season: How to not lose money on markdowns.

    Each year as the holiday season heats up it isn’t uncommon to see banners displaying 50% off and more. But unless you run a large store and do large enough volumes to justify the markdowns, you are going to be losing a lot of money trying to keep up with all the dicounting. Here are a four ideas that will help you avoid just that... Read more

  • 3 Tips for converting during the holiday season: How MineWhat can help

    Cyber monday sales in 2013 is estimated to have brought in around $2.2 Billion in sales. This year it’s likely to go even higher. Here are some new perspectives on three common ideas you might be using to bring in more customers this season.... Read more

  • 4 ideas to encourage impulsive buying among your shoppers

    If the Flintstones were real, I'd imagine Fred would walk down to the neighbourhood market place once a week with a list of items he would need. Since those imaginary times, shopping has moved from being something you had to do once in a while, to a social and leisure activity. A marker of this change is how much of shopping now seems to be impulse driven. Some studies suggest that impulsive buying accounts for up to 80% of the purchases in some categories. Here are 4 ideas you can use to encourage your shoppers to indulge in a bit of impulsive buying.... Read more

  • 3 things you can learn from Amazon to keep your customers engaged and buying

    "We think of our customers as invited guests at a party and we are the hosts." What strange mojo do they employ to ensure their customers stay loyal and engaged? Here’s some of what we found when we went digging through their website.... Read more

  • How to run great marketing campaigns on your online store

    A successful marketing campaign on an online store is a work of an art. It’s a lot of factors including creative decisions, themes, product choices and more coming together. Here a quick checklist of sorts to help you run great promotions and ad campaigns everytime.... Read more

  • Running great marketing campaigns: A how to guide for online stores

    Running a successful marketing campaign on an online store is a bit of an art. It’s a whole load of factors including themes, product choices, creative decisions and more coming together in perfect harmony. Here a quick checklist of sorts to help you run great promotions and ad campaign everytime.... Read more

  • How to NOT suck at trade shows

    Trade shows can be great, they can help you network, bring in customers, find investors and more but quite often the experience becomes an exercise in futility. With a few trade shows going on right now including “shoporg13” and more coming up in the future, we hope you can use some of what we’ve learnt.... Read more

  • We’re Open For Business

    MineWhat's open for business. And now we have a sudden urge to analyse our long, eventful and rewarding journey to get here. Here's some of what we learnt along the way.... Read more

  • Marketing, Fishing and Startups

    Marketing is a lot like throwing a hook into a stream and hoping with every ounce of your soul that something takes. Of course you know which fish you are after, you know what bait is likely to be more appealing and more, but there’s only so much you can control. Marketing at a startup is even harder as you don’t often have the luxury of extensive research, pilot studies and so on. Here's some of what we learned.... Read more