• We’re Open For Business

    MineWhat's open for business. And now we have a sudden urge to analyse our long, eventful and rewarding journey to get here. Here's some of what we learnt along the way.... Read more

  • what we ARE and what we are NOT

    Hiya folks How are you all doing? We’ve been busy as a pack of ants adding bit by small bit to the product, getting closer to our goal of providing intelligent assistance to shoppers and enabling e-retailers to engage their customers.... Read more

  • The Startup Arkansas Event

    With Brad Feld at Startup Arkansas Event. Had an insightful office hour discussion. The chair beside me was for Ram :)... Read more

  • MineWhat latest BETA offer

  • eSparks 2013 takeaways

    We have got good feedback from business development and marketing team members of top eCommerce companies of India. Top take aways for our automatic assistance product & predictive analytics... Read more

  • MineWhat meets Joe Gebbia

    MineWhat listened to what Joe Gebbia had to say about AirBnB, entrepreneurship and the trough of sorrows. His story about the initial phases of AirBnB was something that sounded exactly like ours. A good sign that we are happy about.... Read more

  • Demo Day - D Day

    ARK Challenge Demo day was awesome, more than 500 delegates , 100+ investors, many mentors. After months of hard work and a last-minute pitch to judges the winners of the technology boot camp competition called the ARK Challenge were selected. MineWhat got one of the top prizes of $150,000. Also got many investors interested to invest in our company.... Read more

  • Is Personality Enough ?

  • Meetup with Mr.Tim of CEO forums.

    We are happy to catch up with Mr.Tim of ceo forums. http://ceoforums.us/ The knowledge base of CEO forums by Elevate is awesome and useful to understand the company building process. He has accepted to be an adviser for our company.... Read more

  • With Governor Mike Beebe

    Demo day pic.... Read more

  • With Mr.Collins Hemingway

    With the author of the book “Business @ the speed of thought” . Good to hear from him that predictive analytics is one of five high growth domains. He has done extensive analysis of next technology wave in his recent book “The fifth wave”.... Read more

  • With Binh Tran of Klout

    CTO of MineWhat Pavan with CTO of Klout Mr.Binh Tran. His advice on the web scaling was awesome and practical.... Read more