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The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.


And now we have a sudden urge to analyse our long, eventful and rewarding journey to get here. **Your initial team **can make or break you, we lucked out :). The MineWhat crew has taken on projects ranging from voice acting assignments, feature animation to managing multiple cluster servers and has come out with flying colors.

We started with the simple idea that ecommerce could be a bit more of a fun experience, then came the grind, the long hours and the meetings, oh MAN! the meetings, all so we could get our research done so we knew we were building something useful.

The market is an honest mentor and sure enough we had to pick up some lessons real quick. One of the most important lessons we’ve learnt is to evolve and differentiate. Given that the industry is constantly evolving we’ve been on our toes to stay on top of it all and create a unique, useful analytics tool that’s tailor-made for online stores with a good product-market fit.

To wrap this up here’s to the future, startups, technology and success!!! .

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