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Hiya folks

How are you all doing? We’ve been busy as a pack of ants adding bit by small bit to the product, getting closer to our goal of providing intelligent assistance to shoppers and enabling e-retailers to engage their customers.

All through the process we’ve had people ask us questions on what we are and what we aren’t. Thought we’d address some of those here.

a) Why do you think that shoppers would bother to interact with your product?

Let me set the scene, firstly the lack of effective user engagement is a well-documented problem, add to that the fact that most online stores list way more products than what a shopper can effectively sort through, finding what you are looking for becomes a huge problem. Any tool that offers assistance in making shopping easier is in itself a sufficient incentive.

We also understand that some folks like to do things by themselves. With this in mind the product is designed to stay out of the way while letting shoppers know it’s always there if they need assistance.

b) Ok you can manage to keep shoppers engaged. Would you get in the way of my site’s experience?

The Product is designed to avoid exactly that. The assistance widget is not intrusive. It will not get in the way of any user interaction during key stages of the buying cycle.

We’ve built the product with the idea that it would seamlessly integrate into any online store and augment all the cool features there, while providing added value to the shopper.

c) How do you increase conversions?

The product actively observes shopper behavior and uses the understanding gained to keep them engaged and drive them towards a point of purchase with intelligent assistance. There’s also the added benefit of using insights gained during the process to deliver more relevant content through other channels to further increase conversions.

d) Aren’t you just another recommendation Engine?

Nope. Recommendation engines give shoppers product suggestions based on aggregated historical data, we go one step further. What we do is on the lines of an offline shopping assistant. We combine shopper understanding and glyph based interactions with the shopper to provide relevant assistance.

e) So you give me numbers, how is that different from any of the other (free) analytics tools I could use?

The simplest way we could describe what we offer in comparison with some of the other good analytical tools out there is Pre-Purchase Analytics vs. Postmortem Analytics

We believe that offering analytics long after your customers have left your site doesn’t make much sense when you are trying to actively engage and convert them. We provide extensive metrics such as the intent to buy, trending products and most engaging products all based on pre-purchase data so you can still do something about it.

Another key differentiator is that all our metrics focus on what’s happening at a product level instead of click through data and URL based data.

f) I don’t list too many products on my online store, will you still be effective?

Yes, although it would make more sense for you to use the product if you have a fairly decent number (Above a 100 at the least) that your customers can’t effectively sort through them all to make informed decisions.

g) I am an exclusive retailer. Will the product apply in my setup?

The product works well as long as you have something to sell. The parameters of providing assistance might change but the product would still work just the same­­­. The product includes category specific assistance based on expert knowledge as well which could provide added value if you are an exclusive retailer.

h) You have an image of a robot on your site. Are you working on a Chat Bot?

The robot silhouette is meant to signify automated intelligent assistance. We aren’t working on a Chat Bot of any kind. Our product is built to be a hands free intelligent tool providing assistance using shopper understanding and glyph based interactions with the shopper much like a human sales assistant would.

i) Do you sell beer?

We wish! We’d sure be glad to buy you one though if you do agree to buy the product.

Update: We’ve since moved on to a analytics first, assistance next strategy. Do refer


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