eCommerce sales automation that works!

In-store widget that automates personalized selling for your shoppers. Discover what your shoppers want in just a few clicks, turn your visitors into buyers!

Automate your store sales. Start with our forever free plan.

  • How are you catering to different online shopper personas?

    Each shopper is unique and has different expectations. Some might be just browsing through your products. With our sales automation and personalization solution you can cater to each shopper persona the right way.

  • Can you highlight key features of your products to shoppers?

    A salesperson in a brick and mortar store can nudge shoppers to a purchase with their observations of shopper behaviour and by giving out key product information at the right time. Get the same advantage for your eCommerce store.

  • Retail domain specific intelligence

    A global category graph

    Suggestions based on a vast library of vertical specific attribute intelligence. No more generic recommendations!

  • Showoff key product features

    Highlight key features

    The widget discovers and recommends key product features to your shoppers.

  • Image search for product features

    Visual product feature search

    Image search to enable shoppers to find similar products based on features they like.

  • Email automation

    Email automation with MailChimp, SendGrid and more

    Collect leads on your store and automate fully personalized email campaigns.

  • Push cross sells

    Cross sell right on the widget

    The widget curates similar products from related categories to encourage cross sells.

  • category graph

    Neuromarketing nudges

    Track micro interactions on the page to discover true shopper intent. Nudge them along at the right time

shopper brain illustration

Pay only for what you need

Start with our forever free plan. Plugin integration takes less than 60 seconds.

  • Lite

    $20 /mo

    On the Lite plan you can serve up to 3000 unique users per month.

    • In-store automation widgets

    • Basic ROI dashboards

    • Email support

    • Phone support

    • App consulting

  • Pro

    $40 /mo

    On the Pro plan you can serve up to 3000 unique users per month.

    • In-store automation widgets

    • Advanced dashboard

    • Email support

    • Phone support

    • App consulting

  • Choose

    Shop enterprise plan

    Choose a plan based on number of unique users on your site and pay just for that.

    • In-store automation widgets

    • Advanced dashboard

    • Email support

    • Phone support

    • App consulting

You can also get started with our forever free plan.

Not just another recommendation engine

  • Domain specific retail graph

    Our AI system comes pre trained for each shopping vertical. This means that whether you are an apparel or jewelry store or even if you sell niche products , the tool knows what works for shoppers in your vertical.

  • Eye tracking to discover intent

    Micro interactions can reveal true intent. Whether it’s mouse hover on the price or a repeated scroll up to a product. Track these and more to truly personalize your suggestions.

  • Contextual popups and triggers

    Conversion tools work in isolation and don’t factor in where the shopper is on the site, what pop-ups they’ve seen until then and more. Our Popups and engagement triggers accounts for all this to increase conversion efficiency.

  • Shine a light on key features

    Shoppers rarely read through and remember product descriptions. The widget discovers key features on each product and recommends those to shoppers to push them along to a purchase.

  • Shoppers buy with their eyes

    Shoppers often connect with specific features on products. Our image search lets them select specific areas on a product and find visually similar products.

merchandising store illustration

Test and engage

  • Automate personalized email campaigns with Aweber, MailChimp and more

    The widget also doubles as a lead collection popup and that isn’t everything either. It creates email suggestions for each of your shoppers and syncs this to your mail server account.

  • Non-intrusive experience

    No hijacking of the natural experience of the online store. Requesting and dismissing assistance is as easy as a single click.

  • Always be testing

    Test the app out on your staging or dev environment before going fully live. Once the app is live, feel free to control how many of your shoppers see the widget. We are confident the results will speak for themselves.

  • Fits right into your site design.

    Just about every aspect on the widget is customisable, the color, the fonts, the text displayed and more. Play around, see what works for you.

  • Fully responsive UI

    The widget is mobile ready right out of the box.

Still not convinced?

  • The old way

    Packing your store with popups, coupons recommendation tools, email collection popups and more, has to bring in more revenue right? NO!! Conventional product recommendation engines give out just hit-or-miss approximations, heavily biased on other people's purchases. On top of that rigid navigation systems, uncompromising filters, intrusive pop-ups and ineffectual search results can leave visitors unsatisfied with their shopping experience.

    Popups and email collection tools on the other hand are at best only good in isolation without any regard for shopping context and at worst drive your shoppers away.

  • The new way

    With us you get a fully integrated sales automation engine that just works. Factor in eye tracking, individual shopper behavior, image recognition, category intelligence and more to discover what each shopper wants in just a few clicks and helps turn your visitors into buyers.

    Cater to a customer segment of one if you’d like to, automate personalized email campaigns on your platform of choice, help shoppers find what they need, grow your subscription list and more