MineWhat Platform

The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

Merchandising insights, visualized beautifully!

Discover what merchandise works on your eCommerce store. Which products are best on your homepage banner! What you should buy more of! Make more of! Avoid like the plague!

  • Are your buyers, planners and category managers stuck with unwieldy spreadsheets?

    Stop dealing with rows and rows of mind numbing, mindless numbers. Visualize your products the way the way they were meant to be instead. On MineWhat all the insights are overlaid on top of your product images.

  • How dependent are you on your data analysis team to get a key merchandising report?

    With MineWhat you get a wide range of insights covering sales, audience, marketing, geo data and more on each of your products, categories or brands. Simply subscribe to the ones you are interested in and get them delivered right to your inbox.

  • Pick the right assortment of products

    The perfect product assortment

    Get all the key product performance insights you need to create a winning product mix.

  • Get insights on your categories and brands

    Category and brand intelligence

    Get insights on shopper behaviour, sales, marketing, geo data and more on each category or brand.

  • Analyze product attributes and tags

    Analyze product attributes

    Understand merchandise performance at an attribute level like fabric types, size, cut, color and more.

  • Site merchandising reports

    Visual merchandising reports

    See how people behave across different pages. Validate your landing pages in seconds.

  • Predict shopping trends

    Forecast upcoming trends

    Get long term performance trends on your merchandise. Predict what your shoppers might like.

  • Informed marketing and merchandising

    Connect marketing and merchandising

    See how marketing influences merchandise performance. Get concise overviews on each channel.

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It will pay off.

All plans come with free integration help service. No credit card required.

  • Standard

    $199 /mo

    On the Standard plan you can track up to 200K page views per month. You can have a 2 member team on the app.

    • Integration tech support

    • Email support

    • API access

    • One-on-one consulting

  • Custom

    Shop enterprise plan

    On the custom plan you pay only for what you need. You can have an unlimited members on the app.

    • Integration tech support

    • Email support

    • API access

    • One-on-one consulting


Product performance and trend forecasting

  • Discover shopper interest

    Don't stop with just store or category data. Dig down into product attributes like size, cut, color and more to understand what your shoppers are interested in.

  • Create the perfect assortment

    Trying to spot how blue midi dresses performed? Want to find out which products are purchased impulsively? Which brands are popular at different locations? Or which of your high trafficked items have the lowest conversion rate? Get all that and much more in just a few clicks.

  • Name that trend

    Test assumptions on shopper preferences, product styles, pricing strategy and more. Empower your merchandisers to predict what the store's customers will want six months from now. Trends can come and go, identify and act on those that translate into winners.

  • Intelligent category and brand dashboards

    Get the big picture on why your products sell. Did marketing just run a campaign? Was it the local saturday night game that moved the needle? What are your affiliates up to? See all of this data on each of your brands and categories.

  • Discover products with conversion potential

    Get insights on products which have latent demand on them, products that sold the quickest, the few times they were displayed and more. Take action on these to rapidly increase sales.

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Site merchandising and marketing insights

  • Channel specific product displays

    Easily find the appropriate products and campaign ideas matched to the right channels. Create product displays and banners that work.

  • Spot and react to opportunities early!

    Find out if that discount you've been running is causing sales but cutting into your margins. Decide if it is still worth it. Discover if you have dead inventory that you can move to cut losses. Keep an eye on the big picture.

  • Data driven site merchandising

    Create a consistent shopping experience on your store with Insights on how each page performs. Validate landing pages in seconds, discover what works across every page on your store.

  • Monitor and refine campaigns on the go

    MineWhat automatically tracks all your internal banners and external campaigns and the sales on them so you can monitor them in realtime and refine them as well.

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Still not convinced?

  • Over 50% of new products are likely to fail!

    Get ahead of the curve! With MineWhat you get key predictive insights that let you figure out what is likely to work in advance. Source or make the right stuff.

  • The average shopper looks at 4-8 pages.

    Are you displaying the right ones to them? Create a consistent shopping experience on your store with Insights on how each page performs.