A whole new perspective for eCommerce analytics

Your products are telling you a story, only MineWhat enables you to listen, understand and convert. We help you pick the right merchandise whether it’s for your marketing campaigns, product strategy, landing pages and more.

More than just web analytics

With us you get more than just pageviews, visitors or events. You get insights mapped out right on your merchandise, so you know exactly what’s going on.

Every insight you need, zero code

Simply complete a 1 minute integration and you get to create all the custom insights you’ll ever need, without having to write a single line of code.

Actually work together

Work across multiple teams and locations to achieve your common goals. Share reports, ideas and delegate work within the application.

Convert insights to action

You don’t have to stop with just getting insights. Use the MineWhat API to push the right changes directly to your online store.

Product Insights

MineWhat provides a brand new data visualization compared to traditional analytical tools.

Product mix

MineWhat Vs Google Analytics

How often have you looked at a Google Analytics dashboard wondering just where to start!!!. We know, It happens. With us you get analytics re-imagined, so you don’t have to spend hours staring at graphs and charts of raw data.

Google Analytics is good at giving you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on a website. We focus on exactly what’s going on in your eCommerce store down to the SKU level. Lets say you want to see which locations generate the most traffic to your store, so you can make a decision on distributing your Marketing spend. GA will offer you a distribution of your traffic from each location. On MineWhat the locations are ranked based on the revenue and interactions on every merchandise.

And guess what that’s not all, you can find which SKUs were purchased most often in these cities by shoppers using iPads. That’s ANALYTICS REIMAGINED!!


MineWhat vs Omniture

The Omniture Marketing Suite is directed both at web marketers and eCommerce marketers with a few modules targeted at eCommerce optimization. MineWhat is built just for eCommerce and is aimed at optimizing merchandising, marketing and promotional strategy to increase conversion by providing insights at SKU level, brand level and category level.

Omniture needs heavy customization and configuration and can sometimes cost around half a Million USD to set up. With us all you need to do is complete a simple one time integration to get started and you get all this for a very nominal monthly subscription.

Did we also tell you that with us you also get to analyse your competition and create your own insights with custom SKU groups and shopper segments.


MineWhat vs Mixpanel

Mixpanel offers extensive segmentation on events and lets you really dig down into your data to get more insights. But here’s the thing, every time you want to create a new event you have to add custom code to your site. That’s right EVERY TIME!!!

With us all you have to do is complete a ONE TIME integration and you are good to go. The application is specifically tuned for eCommerce stores and will collect all the events you need without any extra code.

And hey! With us you also get to track publicly available info on the competition’s offerings as well.


MineWhat vs KissMetrics

KissMetrics eCommerce offers analytics based on user behaviour, while this might make perfect sense on other sites it doesn’t for eCommerce firms.

We collect data on shopper behavior in your store and overlay this information on your merchandise so you have a direct line to the decisions you need to make. The insight creation feature for example will enable you to get insights on any group of SKUs, so you can make data-driven choices for your promotional campaigns.

Besides we also have more eCommerce specific insights for your brands and categories as well.


Comparison chart

We add a new dimension to eCommerce data analysis. Read on to see how we can provide unique value for your online store.

Go back in time for reports

Get instant insights on the archived data from your online store with the Google Analytics connect Plugin.

product analytics

Love thy neighbour, watch what he does too.

Common wisdom dictates that you analyse what you do, analysing what your competitors do is just as crucial. That’s why we enable you search for and instantly compare your products with those of your competitors.

Analytics doesn’t have to be hard

We’ve kept all the graphs and charts to a bare minimum, instead every insight on the application is overlaid on products or entire product groups, so its way easier to use.

own insights

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