Gartner and MIT Sloan have found that over 50% of new products fail. How you are avoiding this?

MineWhat combines the science of Retail with the scale of Big Data to improve the effectiveness of marketing and merchandising.


Conversion data on your merchandise.

Most merchandising teams today work only with sales data while marketing teams work with behavioral data. MineWhat combines the power of these two and provides channel specific conversion data on your merchandise.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Now you can run your store with data driven visual merchandising and product strategy.

Collaborate with our built-in workflow.

Work across multiple teams and locations to achieve your common goals. Share reports, ideas and delegate work within the application.

Go back in time for reports

Get instant insights on the archived data from your online store with the Google Analytics connect Plugin.


Create product collections, analyze, predict and automate.

Create marketing channel specific product collection, get insights on them, predict their revenue & margin and automate actions using our APIs and plugins.

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Unique Technology

MineWhat's unique technology uses predictive analytics to bring practical benefits to both eCommerce sites and online shoppers

Collins Hemingway

Author, Business at the speed of thought

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