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How data can optimize the customer experience

Data is a little word that carries a big punch. It does so much for so many people, but for the sake of simplicity in this article we’ll focus on retailers. If you’re an online retailer and you’re not using data to your advantage, 2015 is the year to really get going...

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Twitter practices of the top Shopify stores

Shopify has over 120K active stores and has generated around 5 billion dollars in Gross Merchandise volume so far. Now how do the best of all the stores on Shopify fare on twitter! That's what we set out to answer in this infographic. Stats to tweet 4% of the top...

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Avoiding data puke, the MineWhat way

In one of his blogs Avinash Kaushik makes a very important distinction between reporting and analysis. Reporting is a series of metrics and data points and analysis(typically) is the inferences and recommendations that are then made on that data. By definition most...

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A quick guide to reducing returns

A few days ago I made a purchase online, I got myself a pair of jeans. The product image on the site showed a distinct fading pattern that I was pretty excited about. Imagine my surprise when I got the shipment delivered later and the fading pattern seemed entirely...

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3 Sessions to attend at IRCE2014

Changing, Connecting, Creating - Internet Retailer is back with its annual convention for online retailers. IRCE has something for every aspect of eCommerce, and no matter how you’re a part of this industry, there’s always something you can take away from it. Here’s...

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How to NOT suck at trade shows

Around 36% of B2B marketers feel that trade shows give their companies the highest ROI in comparison with other channels that they use. Trade shows can be great right? They can help you network, bring in customers, find investors and more but quite often the...

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We’re Open For Business

MINEWHAT’s OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!! And now we have a sudden urge to analyse our long, eventful and rewarding journey to get here. **Your initial team **can make or break you, we lucked out :). The MineWhat crew has taken on projects ranging from voice acting...

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Marketing, Fishing and Startups

Let me start with yet another Marketing and Fishing analogy. Marketing is a lot like throwing a hook into a stream and hoping with every ounce of your soul that something takes. Of course you know which fish you are after, you know what bait is likely to be more...

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Running a successful marketing campaign

Running a successful marketing campaign on an eCommerce store is a bit of an art, it’s a whole load of factors including themes, product choices, creative decisions and more.

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